We broker hundreds of millions of euros, help European banks expand and grow, satisfy retail savers and provide market intelligence.

This approach is our daily pursuit.

Savedo is the European online marketplace for retail savings and investment products. With our local branches in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands we allow our partner banks to collect cross-border funding from thousands of retail savers.
Our track record speaks for itself: within 12 months Savedo generated over EUR 500 million from banks, institutional investors and more than 12,000 retail customers.

“Savedo provides live monitoring tools that allow us to plan and steer deposit volumes the way we want to. It's very convenient to work with them.”

Ivica Božan,
President of the Board of Directors of J&T Banka d.d.

Together we accelerate your business

As our partner you can place your investment and savings products on our platform, matching your funding needs without losing focus on your core business. At the same time our partnership will diversify the pillars of your bank's refinancing.

Digitalization will reduce your costs

As our partner you benefit in multiple ways from our tailored services. Along with market intelligence gained through state-of-the-art reporting tools, we will enable you to decrease your overall funding costs to the absolute minimum.

Innovation will minimize your efforts

As our partner you can rely on our one-stop full-service solution. What else is there for you: in-house customer service, performance marketing and proven offline distribution channels come alongside processes tailored to your needs.


1 Platform - 2 Parties - 3 Countries

As a one-stop investment platform we connect banks and retail customers:
Savedo gives access to the best financial products within the EU.

Your Opportunities

Choose the services you need and we will take care of the rest.

New customer segments

Broaden your reach and attract new customers, diversifying your customer base and increasing your cross-selling potential.

Increased brand awareness

Position your brand and use Savedo as your brand ambassador to gain positive attention from potential customers and from the media.

Excel in customer service

Benefit from our in-house customer service team, which offers the highest standards of services in taking care of your customers.

Discover new markets

Exploit new markets and diversify your customer acquisition sources with our local branches in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. 

Widen your product range

Integrate our white-labelled products into your portfolio and distribute them to your customers with state-of-the-art processes.

Market intelligence

Use our report functionalities to gain market insights. Customer reports and competition overviews keep your strategy agile and efficient.

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